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Business and Culture in Thailand (Faculty-Led)
Bangkok, Thailand
Program Terms: Summer I
Budget Sheets Summer I
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Summer I 2016 01/31/2016** Rolling Admission TBA TBA

** Indicates rolling admission application process. Applicants will be immediately notified of acceptance into this program and be able to complete post-decision materials prior to the term's application deadline.
Fact Sheet:
 Program Type:
 Language of Instruction:
 Housing Options:
Hotel (double)
 Class Standing:
Undergraduate Freshman, Graduate, Undergraduate Junior, Undergraduate Senior, Undergraduate Sophomore
 Number of Credits:
 Program Specialist:
Sakhi Vyas
 Language experience required:
 Areas of Study:
Business, Marketing
 Program Length:
Program Description:
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Program Overview

Program Dates: May1, 2016 - May 16, 2016 
Optional week add-on: May 18, 2016 - May 27, 2016: Southern Thailand, Beaches, Island Hopping, Rain forest, and the Original Full moon Party ($699)

Global Business in Thailand will offer students the opportunity to experience business processes in a limited English speaking environment and explore the oriental culture. In addition, the program also provides better understanding of how global business in Asian region operates and build their strategic clusters to compete in the global market. The course will include classroom instruction at WMU before departure as well as at the government institution in Thailand to introduce the students to consumer behavior and business operations in Thailand. In addition, there will be field trips in which students will observe and interact with different types of retail establishments to better understand cultural differences in marketing various products and services. Also, there will be site visits to a number of companies operating in Bangkok to understand how global business are established and maintained. For this program, I highly recommend you to talk to students who went with our previous trips-- they will tell you why this is a truly “a trip of a life time" and what make this trip so unique, exotic, and popular.

Notes from faculty leader:

1. This program is designed for the undergraduate, if you are an MBA or Graduate student, a different program may be a better fit for you.

2. This is not a typical study abroad in that students will spend most of their time listening to Executives, checking out business facilities, or visiting partner universities. We will do some of those activities to fulfill “standard requirements". Then, our group will spend time on streets, biking tour, sailing on fisherman boats, hanging out with other backpackers, visiting elephant camps, camping in a rainforest or chilling in local bars. This is the best way to see how the way of life in those countries impact business practices. I was born and raised in Thailand and I know where to entertain our group.

3. Due to public smoking regulations in Thailand, access to smoking areas is severely limited. Students are strongly advised to take a break from smoking during participation in the program.

4. Dietary restrictions are extremely difficult to accommodate. Flexibility is required for vegetarian and vegan diets. Students with allergies to soy, peanuts, wheat, or seafood must discuss options with the faculty director.

5. This program requires extensive physical activity. Students must be comfortable riding a bicycle, swimming, hiking, etc. 

6. Due to the nature of product portfolio of our host corporations (brewery, bars, public house), you must be 20 yr by 1 May 2016 to join this trip. 

7. Since the number of seats is limited, I normally use the following rules to prioritize applicants.
        -  Student who will graduate sooner will have less priority to those who graduate later
        - American students will have priority over international students.

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Bangkok: Bangkok is the 22nd most populous city in the world. The Bangkok Metropolitan Area, which covers five provinces surrounding the capital province in the central region of Thailand, registers a little over 10 million. However, like many large cities, the city has seen a great flux of immigrants who are not properly listed in the city's administration. The population is therefore much more realistic in the band of 15-20 million. Bangkok is a magnet for foreigners escaping turmoil in their homeland or visiting simply for business. It has long been the gateway to Asia for foreign interests seeking new markets. The city is a major economic and financial center of Southeast Asia and has one of the fastest rates in the world for construction of high rise buildings. The city's wealth of cultural sites makes it one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. 

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Academic Eligibility
Good academic standing

From Dr. Duke:
REQUIRED to complete your application:
This program does not require any reference from other professor.  For the applicant that I have not known in person, you need to meet with me (in my office) before the deadline of this program (31 Jan 2016)
Office Number 3126 Schneider Hall, Haworth College of Business

Academic Program
Students are required to make a 15 minutes video showing the experience learned abroad through the seminar.  Dr. Duke will help direct video production and will demonstrate how to work with the movie maker software.

Academic Credit
Students will be enrolled for 3 hours of WMU credit in BUS 3960, International Seminar. Enrollment will be for the summer I term. Students are urged to work closely with academic advisors and HIGE staff to plan a course of study allowing for steady progress toward their degree.

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Cost & Financial Aid

Cost: For the full financial aid breakdown, click here
The program fee includes: undergraduate tuition (3 credits) and administrative fees, instructional costs, housing, some meals in Bangkok, airport transfers and local transportation, lodging, program-related excursions, a survival kit, and international health and emergency assistance insurance. 

The program fee does not include: airfare, local transportation, some meals, passport processing, and miscellaneous expenses. Costs not included in the program fee are estimates and may vary according ot individual needs and preferences. This budget does not include activities which are not part of the academic program, such as personal travel, entertainment, shopping, etc.

Note: Cost of optional week is $699.

Note: Program fees are subject to adjustment due to changes in actual exchange rates or other factors. In addition, programs may be modified or canceled in the event of insufficient enrollment. Program dates are subject to slight adjustment by the home/host university.

Note: For tax purposes, the university requires the program fee billing to be divided into qualified fees (tuition) and non-qualified fees (non-tuition costs).  The total program fee equals the study abroad commitment fee plus qualified fees and non-qualified fees added together.
   Commitment fee
+ Qualified fees (tuition)
+ Non-qualified fees (other costs)
= Total program fee

Commitment fee:  The study abroad commitment fee is billed in advance, after the student submits the commitment form.  The remainder of the program fee will be billed to the WMU student account for Summer I semester.

Participants in this program may be eligible for the Haenicke Institute for Global Education Study Abroad Scholarship, which offers both merit and need-based awards.  Business majors are eligible for the HCOB Study Abroad Scholarship. 

Please note that business students may receive either a merit award from the Haenicke Institute or the HCOB Scholarship, not both.
Notes from faculty leader:

1. In term of a financial time line, students should be prepared for the following timelines.
     - March 20, 2016  students have to purchase flight ticket (approx. $1800)
     - April 20, 2016  $699 extended stay fee is due. This is a main selling point of this trip-- every participants in the past attended this optional week. 
      -First week of May the program fee is due (like any other Summer I class)

2. Unlike most programs at WMU, this program fee might be a little high---because our program fee covers almost everything (e.g. all dinners, breakfast, entrance fees). Most programs does not make a comprehensive planning like ours so they let students do and pay for their own --that how they can keep their program fees unreasonably low. In our program, the dinners we provide will blow your mind.  All students who had gone through this program will tell you this trip is worth every penny.

Participants in this program may be eligible for the Haenicke Institute for Global Education Study Abroad Scholarship, which offers both merit and need-based awards. Apply online for this scholarship. Business majors are eligible for the HCOB Study Abroad Scholarship.  Please note that business students may receive either a merit award from the Haenicke Institute or the HCOB Scholarship, not both.

Financial Aid
Students eligible for federal or state financial aid may use their awards for studying abroad.  After a student has been accepted to the program, he/she must complete required paperwork with WMU Financial Aid to apply financial aid to the program costs.  It is the student's responsibility to complete the paperwork prior to departure and to maintain compliance with financial aid regulations while studying abroad (i.e., remain enrolled full-time).  Non-WMU students must apply for financial aid through their home university.

Notes from faculty leader:
If you want to find out about possibility to get more financial aid for this trip, do the followings

  1. Print out the budget sheet (clicking the “Summer I” link in Budget Sheet section)
  2. Make appointment with a Financial Advisor at the main Student Financial Aid office (located on the second floor of the Faunce Student Services Building, also called "The Birdcage". They see students by appointment only. Appointments are made by calling (269) 387-6000
Note: program fees are subject to adjustment due to changes in actual exchange rates or other factors. In addition, programs may be modified or canceled in the event of insufficient enrollment. Program dates are subject to slight adjustment by the home/host university.

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Lodging will be in budget hotels, with double occupancy and bath.

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Mandatory Pre-Departure Meetings - to be determined
  TBD TBD Study Abroad & Travel nurse Predeparture meeting 
  TBD TBD Predeparture meeting 1  
  TBD TBD Predeparture meeting 2  

Schedule is tentative and subject to change.

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Additional Resources


Faculty Director:
Professor Duke Leingpibul
Department of Marketing
3141 Schneider Hall
(269) 387-4249

Barb Caras-Tomczak, MBA Program Coordinator and Global Business Center Advisor
Office: 2320 Schneider Hall 
(269) 387-5086

Study Abroad Specialist
Sakhi Vyas
(269) 387-5890

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